Malabar takes home silver at the ED-Awards

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Malabar takes home silver at the ED-Awards 2009

My typeface family Malabar received a silver award at ED2009, the European Design Awards 2009 competition. Malabar grew out of Martel, a multi-script design that I initially created in 2008 on the MA Typeface Design course at the University of Reading. The Latin component of the family is distributed by Linotype, and you can buy it here.

Sample text in Malabar Devanagari and Latin

The design’s success was announced on Sunday, 17 May 2009, at the ED-Festival in Zürich. Malabar received the silver award in the original typeface category. This isn’t Malabar’s first distinction; its six Latin fonts received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in Type Design at the Type Directors Club of New York TDC² competition in January 2009. Unlike my entry to the TDC², Malabar’s presentation for the ED-Awards judges included both its Latin and Devanagari character sets.

Past ED-Award winners include Veronika Burian and José Scaglione from TypeTogether, Titus Nemeth, and David Březina (all of whom are also MATD alumni). This year saw several winners. Here are the stats:

Comenia—School Typeface System, Suitcase Type Foundry


Bree, TypeTogether
FC Autobahn, Autobahn
Planeta, Dani Klauser Graphic Design
Nabil, Emanuela Conidi
Kina, Francesca Bolognini
Texteron, Cape Arcona Type Foundry
Fedra Hindi, Typotheque