Dez Squeeze now on the market

Posted on 20 May 2009 in:

Dez Squeeze is a Heavyweight Display with knockout punch and Resonant Voice. Dezcom Typefaces is happy to announce the release of its first commercial typeface and plans several more releases in the near future. Dez Squeeze Fat is a full-figured display face. It is generous enough in weight and width to make you a knockout! Heads will turn from ho-hum to hard-hitting with this face. Don’t apologize for your size-the ample look will speak volumes to your audience. When you don’t want to speak softly, Squeeze can shout above the crowd. Say it loudly and proudly, this face does not have a weight problem. The Dez Squeeze Family was developed as a clean OpenType display face with a super-bold weight. Dez Squeeze has 483 glyphs with uppercase, lowercase, proportional lining figures, unicase, stylistic sets, alternates, ordinals, and case specific punctuation. It has a full range of diacritics and covers all European languages using the Latin script.