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A view of Hindi newspapers and their typefaces

In my M.A. dissertation, I will investigate Devanagari text typefaces currently used in Hindi newspapers. This research will allow me to compare the types and their appearances in print, as well as enable me to develop conclusions regarding which design features make certain Devanagari typefaces more appropriate for newspapers than others.


My practical brief calls for the development of a typeface family for use in contemporary Hindi newspapers. This will have both Latin and Devanagari coverage, and will require investigation into similar typefaces currently in use in India. Combining the practical and theoretical components of my time on the MA programme is an efficient use of available time and resources.

Investigation of the topic

How am I going to conduct my investigation? Primarily, I will have to procure many newspapers from India. Electronic editions will perhaps be able to expedite my search for font names, but I hope to come into direct contact with newspaper editors as well. After reviewing primary sources, I will develop a set of criteria to determine typeface effectiveness, taking into account ink, paper, presses, printing conditions, imagery, cultural concerns, etc.

Outline and organisation

  1. Digital Devanagari typefaces currently available.
  2. A brief summary of the development of Devanagari typefaces.
  3. Historical stages of newspaper printing in India, specifically with the Hindi language.
  4. Analysis of current design trends and typographic choices in contemporary Hindi newspapers.
  5. Conclusions based on those analyses.

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