Sylvester in der Hauptstadt?

Posted on 10 December 2007 in:

Google Analytics is so much fun! It tells me a number of great things about my readers, where they are, and who they are not. For example, I have more visitors from London than anywhere else. Conversely, I have more readers in Tehran than in Offenbach. Iran! More Iranians read my blog than Offenbachers, and this page started out in a Schloß along the Main! TypeOff. = Typography + Offenbach. I can only hope that the majority of my loyal Offenbach readers are actually being counted as Frankfurters (#3 on the list).

My second highest block of readers are clustered in Berlin. So I’ll try to play my cards right! I’ve never been in Berlin for New Year’s Eve… what, dear reader, is the best thing to do there then?