Kurt Weidemann live on CD

Posted on 20 December 2007 in:

In my recent article on Counterpunch for iLoveTypography.com, I asked:

Isn’t there a clip on the Internet somewhere where Erik Spiekermann mentions [how typeface design is all about the white spaces]? … take that clip of Erik’s voice and turn it up to 11. Then play it on auto-repeat.

It might be a bit difficult to arrange this. But now I’ve found something equally good: Kurt Weidemann’s best lectures on CD! Verehrte Damen, meine Herren … es spricht: Kurt Weidemann. The very best of Reden & Texte.

In honor of his 85th birthday (December 15, 2007), avedition has released a collector’s box with a double vinyl LP, an audio book on CD, and printed booklet to boot. All of this comes inside a slipcase, measures 32 × 32 cm, and costs 99 euro. The CD is divided into four chapters: a “best of” from his lectures, readings, aphorisms, and personal experiences. The LP includes the one and only Kurt-Rap, entitled “85 KW.” The accompanying booklet is a visual journey through Weidemann’s private, unpublished photo archives. (Via FontBlog.de)

If 99 euro is too much to ask for this Christmas, there is always the Type Radio interview with Weidemann. This is a free download, and is in English.