Zebra returns—visit P22.com

Posted on 5 October 2007 in:

Get Your Stripes—P22 and the International House of Fonts proudly announce Zebra. Zebra was originally designed by Karlgeorg Hoefer in 1965 for the Stempel foundry in Germany. This unique font was designed as a two-color script face and is now available digitally for the first time. This new P22/IHOF release presents six separate fonts based on the original painted drawings and Stempel proofs. P22 Zebra Wedge resembles the final released version, while Zebra Stencil is based on an original trial variation of the font. P22 Zebra A and B can be set in two separate colors and overlaid to achieve the original effect of Hoefer’s first painted letter samples. Zebra A and C can be overlaid in a single color to look the same as Zebra LineCut; or two colors can be used for more unusual effects. Zebra A, B, and C can be combined in curious ways, but that is up to the end user. Check out P22 Zebra here! For more background on this face and its designer visit this article in P22’s online journal, the Terminal.