Morris Sans shirt at TypeCon

Posted on 17 August 2007 in:


I wasn’t at TypeCon in Seattle this year, but at least my typeface was. Above is this year’s Linotype shirt for the conference, which I did not have a hand in making. The text “city of TYPE,” as well as some of the skyline elements, is set in Morris Sans. Hopefully, a few prominent Seattle landmarks are visible in the design. The letters however, are clearly more important, especially that big “TYPE” ;)

Dan wearing the Linotype 2005 TypeCon T-Shirt in Times Square.

Photo from Times Square, 2005.

The Seattle design isn’t the first Linotype t-shirt with this sort of motif. There are also similar examples from New York and Dubai. Above is a photo of the NYC “type and the city” example, from TypeCon 2005.

Morris Sans display for the 2007 SoTA Type Gallery at TypeCon, Seattle.

Type Gallery 2007 Specimen.

We also put three typefaces into this year’s SoTA Type Gallery, one of which was Morris Sans. I didn’t make the specimen shown above, but I quite like it!