Very condensed serif sketch

Posted on 4 February 2007 in:

V-Test-Web typeface teaser

Back in May, a Romanian designer posted a Type ID query on Typophile for a series of beautiful condensed and serifed letterforms from the 1950s. The letterforms seem to have been hand-drawn, and I fell in love with them immediately. The samples provided were just all caps, so I fleshed out digital outlines for a few of the letters, and posted them on the forum. Then, the normal business that characterizes my working hours got the better of me, and I forgot about the project.

Recently, I rekindled my old flame of passion for these forms. I completed the uppercase letters, and began working on the lowercase. In a few days, I’ll post a PDF of my progress to the Typophile critique forums.

V-Test-Web partial first alphabet showing

Image details:
Top – A few upper and lowercase letters.
Bottom – A more fleshed out alphabet. Further details to come…