Me, in a previous life?

Posted on 4 February 2007 in:


At TYPO Berlin last year, Richard Kegler from P22 showed a photograph of this painting, which was printed in his guide book of the city. By Hans Holbein the Younger, it hangs in the Gemäldegalerie, part of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Although entitled “Portrait of the Merchant Georg Gisze,” and from the year 1532, it is clearly of painting of my visage ;-)

Richard suggested that I have a costume made and set up a photo shoot to reproduce this image, which I must forthwith use for all promotional purposes. We’ll see. In the meantime, I find this coincidence striking, eerie, and cool—all at the same time.

Image details:
Hans Holbein the Younger, 1532
Portrait of the Merchant Georg Gisze
Oil on wood, 96,3 x 85,7 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin