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Posted on 10 February 2007 in:

Young Baroque on Fergie as the Dutchess

Doyald Young’s typeface “Young Baroque” on Fergie’s album The Dutchess. Tweaked a little, but still recognizable.

On February 2, Debbie Millman interviewed Doyald Young on her American radio program, Design Matters. Doyald Young may be the don of American calligraphers and letterers. A long-time professor at Art Center College of Design in California, he is a slightly younger contemporary of Hermann Zapf.

Listening to Debbie Millman’s interview, it seems that 2006 was “The Year of the Doyald.” Doyald Young has a few typefaces on the market, although most of his lettering work probably comes through commission. He is also the author of several books, with a new title in the works—Dangerous Curves.

Eclat font

Home Run font

Young Baroque font

Young Finesse font

Commercial releases from Doyald Young currently available.

You can download the show directly from iTunes as a podcast. Here is a link to the US store: Debbie Millman - Design Matters and the German store: Debbie Millman - Design Matters. The iTunes release date is February 5th, 2007.

Debbie Millman’s intro can also be read on her blog here.