Typotheque releases Nara

Posted on 1 June 2009 in:

Back in 2004, the annual ATypI conference was hosted in Prague. The local Museum of Decorative Arts was hosting a show at the same time: E-A-T, a selection of contemporary Czech and Slovak type design. Several tremendous designs caught my eye, and I wrote up a review of the exhibition for Typotheque. I always remembered one specific design in the back of my mind, too…

Adriq, the first PostScript typeface produced in Czechoslovakia, was designed at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design by Andrej Krátky in 1988. Drawing severe, narrow calligraphic letterforms that all sport an almost wedge-shaped serif style, Krátky developed this dynamic, constructed type family. In addition to the Roman, Adriq has both a Kursive style (an upright italic), as well as an Italic.

Typotheque has just announced that Adriq has finally been completed and released under the name Nara. Nikola Djurek and Peter Bilak are credited on the site as having helped finish everything up. Fantastic work!