Typodarium 2010 Typeface Call for Entries

Posted on 12 February 2009 in:

Typodarium 2010 call for enries

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Typodarium 2009 project. Many of its pages include images of fonts of mine. Now the Typodarium editors would like to invite you to contribute to the Typodarium 2010, a daily dose of typography in the form of a tear-off calendar—like the one our grandmas used to hang in the kitchen.

As in the first Typodarium, each typeface included will be prominently displayed on the front of one day’s page. On the back of that, there’ll be a detailed description of how the font originated, from whom and from what the inspiration came, as well as where it can be obtained. In contrast to the first Typodarium, this time designers will have the opportunity to book their favorite days in advance. The sooner you do so, the more choice you will have!

Typodarium 2010 call for entries

The print run of Typodarium 2010 will be dramatically increased—to 20,000— and will be distributed through design and museum shops and explicit bookstores around the world. As in 2009, the publsiher is Verlag Hermann Schmidt in Mainz. For all of you who did not get the Typodarium 2009, there is a widget that you can easily download here. It shows you a new font each day, just like the printed calendar.

If you are interested in this time-sensitive project (the deadline for entries is 27th of March 2009), please go to the website for the official call for entries.