Offenbach’s February 2009 Typostammtisch

Posted on 4 February 2009 in:

Weinstube Offenbach Typostammtisch 04

It is time to beat the drum. Last night, we held the February 2009 Typostammtisch in Offenbach, which we I guess we can safely call “the original Typostammtisch.” 14 of us met in the Weinstube, which is more than we have seen at our Typostammtisch in a long time. There were many new faces. Tanja remarked late in the evening that it was all just like old times; and so it was. We can safely begin the countdown now for the fifth anniversary of the Offenbach Typostammtisch in May/June. If you missed out, do not fear; the event will surely be repeated. March?

Max, Christos, Patrick

Weinstube Offenbach Typostammtisch 05

Felix, MacBook Pro