The future of type in Austria

Posted on 1 December 2008 in:

Screenshot from the Typejockeys' website.

Faithful TypeOff. readers who do not read German or keep up-to-date with Austrian design media may be unaware of the new thunder of awesomeness that is descending upon Vienna. Now, Vienna is what I would normally consider a sleepy village somewhere past the Alps. No longer! The powers of darkness (I speak of graduates from the world’s two typeface design graduate programs, those at the University of Reading and the Dutch Royal Academy of Art) have combined to form a new studio. It is called Typejockeys, and I don’t that today is the last that you will hear of them.

4c, an Austrian design magazine, has just published the first profile of Michael Hochleitner, Thomas Garbiel, and Anna Fahrmaier’s firm. The text is in German, but I doubt that will stop any interested international parties from trying to read it.

Via Flickr.