Delayed-Thanksgiving 2008

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Belated Thanksgiving (2008)

Every year on a date much later than the fourth Thursday of November, I cook an American Thanksgiving feast. Saturday evening’s was the largest of my endeavors to date. Anke and I prepared dinner for 12 in her Berlin apartment. Everyone managed to fit in; theoretically, there should have been about two or three square meters of space per person. The turkey was delivered fresh to our butcher, and weighed about 7.5kg before we stuffed it (that’s about 16.5lbs). Fun was hopefully had by all. Through some miracle, the evening left us with more wine bottles than we began with. We bought eight bottles of wine, but the next morning I noticed 11 unopened bottles still left in the kitchen.

Converted desk

More pictures! I guess this is “before”…

Food, food, food!

…this would be “during”…


…and here is an “after” image. Look at these leftovers!