Old type specimens on DVD

Posted on 4 June 2008 in:

spatium Magazin (without an e) in Germany has just released a DVD containing a collection of ca. 3,000 images scanned from the pages of a myriad of 20th century German type foundry catalogs and specimen. The news announcements and forum discussions so far have all been in German. This offer is so good that it deserves an English translations. So here goes…

This roundup by Hans Reichardt is the first of a series of four DVDs illustrating the diversity and beauty of type specimens and reflecting technical advances made in the printing industry during the 20th century. Included are scans of type specimen cards, brochures, and catalogs from various foundries, such as Bauer, Klingspor, Ludwig & Mayer, Stempel, C. E. Weber, Berthold, Genzsch & Heyse, Joh. Wagner, Flinsch, Schelter & Gieseke, and many more. In addition, books like Seemann’s Handbuch der Schriftarten, Abraham Horodisch’s Die Schrift im schönen Buch unserer Zeit, and Emil Wetzig’s Ausgewählte Druckschriften in Alphabeten are among the DVD’s images as well.

A detailed table of contents may be downloaded as a PDF: bleisatz_d_inhalt_web.pdf (28 kb)…

All in all, this represents a collection of true treasures that are sure to serve as eye candy and inspiration for interested typeface designers and typographers. The DVD is available via the spatium shop for 20 euros (plus shipping).

All images on the DVD are saved at 150 dpi resolution. Orders may be placed directly through the spatium Shop. The site is in German, too, but I’m sure that they can respond and help to e-mails written in English. Please contact spatium directly with any questions about this excellent product.

Three further DVDs are said to be in the pipeline. Aside from German 20th century metal typefaces, future releases will feature international 20th century metal typefaces, international photo typefaces, and international 20th century digital typefaces. Stay turned for more information about these releases when they come to market.