Apple Store = Faith

Posted on 23 May 2008 in:

One flight down, two to go. I’m in Delhi again, waiting for my flights to Amsterdam and London. But I’m only thinking about my laptop. After days of being buggy after waking up, my MacBook Pro’s keyboard and trackpad were fizzy all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday, they stopped working all together. I don’t think this is a software problem, as they don’t work in my Windows partition, either. I arrive at Heathrow early on Saturday morning, and already have a 10:40am appointment at the Genius Bar at the Regent Street Apple Store. That’s right, instead of going back to Reading and getting some sleep, this trip will get just a bit longer! My laptop is less than a year old, so I’m counting on Apple’s hardware service to get me out of this pinch. I just wonder how many weeks I’ll have to surrender my hardware for; I’m not getting enough work done as it is :(