Orthography problems? Try Rededeutsch

Posted on 16 April 2008 in:

Tired of trying to keep track of all those new spelling rules in German? Just which orthographic system is the most appropriate anyway? Ever feel like giving up on the discussion altogether? Surf over to the Berlin design studio Redesign Deutschland to find out how the language could be changed even further. Their new orthographic proposal is called Rededeutsch. Here’s a sample from their site:

Neu deutsch sprache heissen redesigndeutsch, kurz rededeutsch. Rededeutsch vereinfachen grammatik auf zehn regels und sein erlernbar ohne vorkenntniss in wenig stundes. Dies grammatik sein anwendbar auf all spraches von welt.

I wonder what they’d do with the new capital ß? (This link was another tip from Florian.)