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I tracked this book down at the SOAS library yesterday, and decided to purchase a copy online. It is out of print, but available used in many places. I found a bookseller in India who had it in stock (over the fantastic—formerly German—choosebooks.com). Less than £10, including shipping. I wonder how long mail takes to travel this distance? Anyway, the title is:

Robin Jeffrey, India’s Newspaper Revolution: Capitalism, Politics and the Indian Language Press 1977–99, Paperback edition. New Delhi: Oxford University Press (2000). Seller’s description: “Robin Jeffrey’s in-depth analysis of India’s Newspaper Revolution analyses the role of Capitalism and Technology in shaping identity…, national, or other wise, and explains the inner workings of the most complex newspaper industry in the world. It illustrates the global transformation of media of media, of which India is a key part.” ISBN: 0195653920.