UK flag design to change?

Posted on 27 November 2007 in:

It seems that the British Parliament is considering a design change of national proportion. The Union Flag, flown in its current configuration since 1801, may perhaps be updated to graphically include Wales. You can read more about the discussion on BBC News.

The Welsh flag is not a cross on a color field, like the flags of UK constituents England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but rather a red dragon over a white and green background. How is one to change the classic Union Flag? What will happen to all those British Invasion compilation CDs? I’m glad I don’t have this brief! Will a mini-dragon placed in the center of the St. George’s cross? Perhaps the bottom blue background fields could be made green; not something I’d like to look at! All along, I thought that the current flag represented the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Great Britain itself being a union of the English and Scottish crowns. Weren’t the Welsh conquered by the English during the middle ages? I guess they don’t like being reminded about that…