TYPO Berlin blog; free tickets?

Posted on 26 November 2007 in:

It has been awhile since I mentioned FontBlog, and so I will do it again. Jürgen posted an entry there today reminding all readers of the TYPO Berlin blog. Turns out, this is a very important site that we should all bookmark, and for two reasons. First off, TYPO Berlin is just a fabulous conference; I hope to meet you all there at the end of May! Any info to be had about the event just whets the appetite further. Moreover, they seem to be giving away a free ticket every week! If you don’t read, how can you win? Unfortuantely, the blog is only in German. I get the FontShop Germany website and the FontBlog being German-only, but TYPO Berlin is so international, and not German-only. I guess that with Babelfish, everyone should be able to get by, even if the jokes get lost. Don’t give up hope!