I kid you not!

Posted on 27 October 2007 in:

WKS Sign Berlin

Sign in a Berlin restaurant set in a typeface from Offenbach, “the European center of typography.” Specifically, this is the Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch.

Last night, Mathieu, Yvonne, Joke, and I were complaining about how, for a city the size of Reading, there is so little to do. We looked up the city on Wikipedia to find its approximate population size, and then compared this to other cities we each had lived in, some of which were smaller, but virtually all of which had more thriving centers.

But you know how the Internet is—once I brought up the English-language entry for Offenbach, we noticed a startling statement that had nothing to do with population or nightlife.

Specifically, if you scroll down to the Economy details, someone has written “Offenbach was also the European center of typography.”

Naturally, I believe this statement to be true, but the others immediately accused me of writing this on Wikipedia myself! I didn’t, although now I wish I had ;-)

Now, if someone would like to get around to editing Reading’s Wikipedia page to crown it as the capital of global typography…