This year’s crop of Reading types online

Posted on 3 August 2007 in:

Screenshot of this year's type link page
A little reduced in size, but you get the idea.

Yesterday I noticed a new page on a website from Reading, For several months, the site has hosted a wiki about the MATD programme and its students, graduates, etc. Now, a “home” page has appeared with information about the 14 typefaces designed by MATD students this year, or in at least one case, over the past two years. Links on this page will take you to the designers’ websites, where in many case you can already find detailed information about the designs, type specimen, and other goodies. All of this, and the students still have at least another six weeks of work to finish before the programme ends. I won’t play favourites and list or like the typefaces I like the most. Check them all out for yourself, and pick your own!

14 faces from the MA Type Design Class of 2007: