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Posted on 31 July 2007 in:

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Screenshot from

I’ver written about Stefanie Schönbach and her typeface Xania here on TypeOff. before. Stefanie designed Xania as part of her Diplomarbeit at the FH-Mainz this spring, and she presented her work in several stages at various Typostammtisch over the past year. Now the website of her “fictional” type label,, has gotten a full update! Visit the site for yourself, and see a virtually complete documentation of the face’s creation process.

Xania, currently the only face displayed on Typomanie, is a slightly-condensed serif design intended for book setting. During the past few years, more and more Geraman design students have been tackling typeface design for their thesis projects, and Xania is one of the most sucessfull and well presented results that I’ve seen. Perhaps it is a token of things to come? Xania’s is also interesting as it is a serif design, especially considering that German designers seem to favor sans serifs!

Stefanie Schönbach Typostammtisch April 2007 05.jpg

Stefanie at the April 2007 Typostammtisch.

The Typostammtisch is the perfect venue for students to get feedback on any type-related issues, for their Diplomarbeit or otherwise. The event takes place once a month, and newcomers are expressly welcome! More information is available here, and quite often here. While you’re at it, you can read more about Stefanie and Xania at Typolicious and spatium-Magazin.