75 days to go…

Posted on 18 July 2007 in:


So, today being the 18th of July, I have 75 days left before I leave for the UK. I haven’t figured out how many of these days will be work days yet, but it should be a far lower number. Also, this number is really reflecting when I intend to move to England… I should be in the country for a visit sometime before—and/or concurrent with—September’s ATypI conference.

I’ve been meaning to create some sort of graphic thing like the image above for a week now; I started counting the days down back at 83. I have a tendancy to do things like this all the time. It is one of the ticks I have that keeps my mind away from what it should be focusing on instead! I still have to do a number of important things to do before the time runs out; finding an apartment being at the top of the list that I try as hard as possible not to look at too much yet. I guess that there isn’t enough time left to learn Hindi or Russian or Hebrew, either, but I keep telling myself to pick up that broad-nib pen again.

The “75” in the image above is set in Akira’s new Cosmiqua, specifically the Heavy Italic style.