Post Typography; Baltimore rocks

Posted on 14 February 2007 in:

I was born and raised in northeast Baltimore, Maryland. But I never worked as a designer there; I went to school in Rhode Island, and pulled stints working in Chicago, Providence, and Washington, DC before settling in Germany.

While I was at RISD, I learned that Ellen Lupton was creating a graphic design program at MICA (which was still called the Maryland Institute when I lived in the city, but I guess an art school has to have a four letter acronym now to remain cool). I was delighted, thinking, “finally! Baltimore may develop a graphic design scene yet.”

Today, I discovered an interview with a real typographic-based studio in Baltimore online for the first time ever: Post Typography, on the You Work For Them website (YWFT calls Baltimore a wasteland, which is well… spot on). Thanks to Type for you for the link. I never would have found them without you, Type for you!

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