Netter Typ von Hessen

Posted on 28 November 2006 in:

In his “Type Designers from Around the World” series for the German magazine VALUE, Peter Reichard has summarized a series of global typographic trends from hot spots around the globe. His concluding article can be found in the November 2006 issue; here, he deals with his home turf. Touching upon Hessen in a nationwide survey entitled »Mehr nette Typen von nebenan,« Peter listed: Linotype, Eric Schmitt, and me. What excellent company to be in!

VALUE is a magazine for media production and corporate communication, published monthly, in German.Scan of part of the article

The article mentions two typefaces of mine, one that is realeased and another which is not. Ignaz Textura can be seen here on TypeOff.; Mountain is for sale at