New Cooper Black book

Posted on 30 September 2011 in:

It is very rare that I publish “press release” sorts of posts here on TypeOff. I normally don’t like to promote events in which I am not actively involved, or recommend books that I haven’t actually read. However, I got an e-mail last night from BIS Publishers that made me curious. They’ve just announced the publication of a new book, entitled Big, Black & Beautiful – The Cooper Black Book. This is by Ward Nicolaas, and is scheduled for release in October. I’ve embedded the BIS promo PDF right here in this post; it comes from the BIS Publishers Issuu page.

Cooper Black is just a divine typeface. There seems to an avalanche of “books about typefaces” recently. I hope that this title does the typeface justice. If any TypeOff.-readers have seen the book, please comment on it here.