My dreams are haunted by Apple products

Posted on 17 November 2010 in:

In the past week, I have had two very strange dreams. Here are their summaries:

In the first dream, I was in a job interview. I don’t know who the company was; I dreamt up everything about it. The city, the building, the company … even the interviewer were all composites. They were not based on any real entities; at least, none that I can remember. After a few basic questions, my dreamed-up interviewer asked me if I had any experience designing fonts with a certain new iPad app. This app was as dreamed-up as everything else, of course. But in the dream, I was certain that I had heard about the app, and maybe even seen it. In real life, I don’t have an iPad, and I didn’t have one in this dream, either. However, I lied to my imaginary interviewer: I told them that I’d been using the app for weeks. The rest of the interview must have gone well enough, because all that I can remember after that question was spending the rest of the dream running through my imaginary city, going from store to store and trying to find an iPad to purchase. I wanted to get my hands an iPad and on the app in order to clear my conscience. But all the iPads were sold out. I wish this dream had come to some sort of resolution … it would have been interesting to see what the iPad font design app could have actually done.

My second dream—also an interview—was much worse. I dreamt that I interviewed with [haha, this bit is redacted; I’m not going to publish the name of my dream type design studio. That would be like standing up in my old 6th grade class and announcing which girl I had a crush on. There are just certain things that are better kept secret]. When I drove up to their building, and went to the back of the car to get my stuff, I panicked! I had forgotten to bring either my resume or portfolio. I tried to bullshit my way through the interview by loading certain websites on my iPhone, and pointing out a few things to the interviewer [my favorite living type designer, of course] on the tiny retina display. He wasn’t buying it, and it was obvious that I was not going to get the job. I woke up this morning in a cold sweat, and in tears. The dream gave me quite a bad feeling, which I haven’t been able to shake off all day.