Two best-of-2009 font charts

Posted on 5 January 2010 in:

Ivo Gabrowitsch and Christoph Koeberlin, both of FSI FontShop International in Berlin, simultaneously published “best fonts of 2009” lists on their respective blogs this morning. The text on both sites is in German, but type samples are for everyone! Each list is fabulous in its own right, but since I read Ivo’s list first, he gets the primary link. A great summary, Ivo gives a sort of “Top 10,” or at least I like to think about it that way, since it would mean that fellow MATD-alum Michael Hochleitner’s Ingeborg is the best font of the year! Christoph’s list, however, really is most excellent. And that isn’t because it has 12 items instead of 10, or because my Malabar is on it. Simply put, Christoph’s list is just so much closer to my own typographic taste! It’s got Libelle, and Gerrit Noordzij’s Burgundica, which is simply the most divine among the many new blackletters. Nara—from Typotheque—is there, too. Finally, the way that Christoph shows off the type in the graphics on his site is really good. I mean, it is a kind of my-awful-looking-website-is-crying-with-bitter-envy good. Great job, Christoph! And Ivo, too.