Help me find new Rhein-Main digs!

Posted on 12 April 2009 in:

Most of you know that I live in two places, Berlin and Offenbach. After returning to Germany from the UK in September, I signed a sublet lease for an apartment in Offenbach. I had hoped that by the end if this sublet’s lease, I’d be able to move to Berlin full-time. Well, I am sad to report that I have failed in this endeavor.

My Offenbach apartment lease’s term is up at the end of the month! I need to find a new place to live three nights a week in the Rhein-Main area, and quick! I’d live just about anywhere… in Bad Homburg near my office, in Darmstadt near the Hochschule, in Frankfurt, or in Offenbach, which is the coolest place of all. Bonus points for anything near the S-Bahn, which I ride all the time.

WG rooms, flats, sublets… everything is ok. Something furnished would be cool, but not absolutely necessary. I spend Thursday nights Sunday or Monday nights in Berlin, so I only end up sleeping in the Rhein-Main area two to three nights per week.

I’m looking for something from May 1 through at least October 2009. Thanks!