Get this cut of Malabar for free!

Posted on 18 April 2009 in:

This font is free! Free as in,

Until the middle of May, all customers who purchase any font licenses at can selection an option in the check-out process and get the Malabar Heavy Italic font absolutely free. That’s right, buy any font, and Linotype will throw in Malabar Heavy Italic, too! What beter way to try out part of my new Malabar typeface? has lots of great fonts to choose from… tens of thousands, I’d recokon. You could buy a copy of Linotype classics like Helvetica or Zapfino, or maybe Tim Ahrens’s awesome Lapture, TypeTogether’s Bree, Berthold’s Comenius, or Carl Crossgrove’s Beorcana. But let’s be honest, dear readers… if you had to buy any one single font over the next three weeks because you want to try out Malabar Heavy Italic, then you wouldn’t want any of the typefaces I just mentioned above. You would want Malabar Regular; or maybe Morris Sans Condensed Light. But go with me on this one… Malabar Regular is a better typeface.