What’s in TM #4 1989?

Posted on 16 July 2008 in:

Typografische Monatsblätter Nr. 4 1989

In the project Handwritten Typographers, Kris Sowersby’s handwriting sample strays a bit from the pack. It doesn’t read “I’m Kris and this is my handwriting,” but rather “Typo­grafische Monatsblätter Nr. 4 1989.” Wha’’s that about? I want to know! For insight, I went over to the University of Reading library, were bound archives of the Swiss typographic magazine Typografische Monatsblätter are kept in the periodical section on the third floor. What’s inside the issue? Here’s a list of the contents:

  1. Gestaltung—Walter Erb, Fotomotagen und Arrangements; Textbeiträge von Hans Fässler, Heinz Hänni (Gespräch), Walo Landolf
  2. Schrift—Max Caflisch, Bitstream Charter, eine von Matthew Carter für Lichtsatz und Lasersatz gezeichnete Schrift

Summarized into English, the theme of the two articles would be:

  1. A piece on the photomontages and photo-arrangements of Walter Erb, by Hans Fässler, Heinz Hänni (interview), and Walo Landolf
  2. An article on Matthew Carter’s Charter typeface, written by Max Caflisch

Both are written in German. As for the answer to this conspiracy theory, my money’s on Mr. Carter.

Via: FontBlog and iLT. Image from Handwritten Typographers.