Uncharted territory!

Posted on 2 January 2008 in:

Well, Devanagari font support on Mac OS X is virtually non-existent. Sure, you can use Monotype Devanagari, but nothing else, at least if you are working with Unicode-encoded text. Monotype Devanagari’s an AAT font; OT isn’t supported yet. But you can’t use AAT on Windows, now can you? In order to make samples of OpenType fonts for my essay, I need to work with an operating system that supports OpenType Devanagari fonts. So, I’ve cast the die, and will cross the proverbial Rubicon… yesterday, I ordered a copy of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Tomorrow, I’ll partition my MacBook Pro’s hard drive, and try these with Boot Camp. If you don’t hear from me over the next few days, it’ll be because I nuked my computer in the process. Although, wasn’t the MacBook Pro recently judged the fastest piece of hardware to run Vista with? Stay tuned!