German Type Foundry releases Phoenica

Posted on 5 March 2007 in:

German Type Foundry logo

The German Type Foundry has announced the release of its Phoenica typeface, a legible contemporary humanist sans serif. Phoenica and Phoenica Condensed are two families, each offering six weights and true italics. Three extra thin hairline versions were developed to match the challenges for photo and magazine design needs. Phoenica is designed by GTF co-founder Ingo Preuß.

For a limited time Phoenica Std Regular will be available free of charge via their website.

The fonts themselves come in two flavors: Pro (Phoenica Pro) and Standard (Phoenica Std), each in OpenType format only. The Pro version contains all the bells and whistles one expects from a high quality typeface—Central European, Cyrillic, and Greek language support, as well as small caps and all common kinds of numerals are available inside each font, plus a bunch of additional symbols and signs. Every Phoenica (Pro) font’s coverage includes more than 1000 gylphs. The Pro versions are available form the new founded German Type Foundry.

PDF Specimen

Character Set and OpenType Features

Phoenica Std is the entry level version of this big font family covering the Latin 1 Western European (ISO-8859-1) character set. The Std version is available from preussTYPE and