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On the German typography forum, Kerstin Meier recently mentioned the Annual Report Competition organized by Manager Magazin [sic. magazine does not have an “e” in German]. I recently completed some research into the typefaces found in these annual reports, and this seems like a good time to post it.

The prize winners for best annual report design in the year 2005 were released by Manager Magazin back in October 2006. Sixty companies based in German-speaking territories received awards in ten different sector-based categories. I’ve compiled a list of how often certain typefaces were used in all of these annual reports.

The 12 most popular typefaces used in these annual reports were:

  1. Frutiger Next – 12 Instances
  2. Frutiger – 11 Instances
  3. ITC Zapf Dingbats (tie) – 11 instances
  4. Compatil – 10 instances
  5. Neue Helvetica – 7 instances
  6. Univers (tie) – 7 instances
  7. Corporate ASE – 6 instances
  8. Myriad (tie) – 6 instances
  9. Helvetica – 4 instances
  10. Minion (tie) – 4 instances
  11. Thesis (tie) – 4 instances
  12. Wingdings (tie) – 4 instances

A note on the research

Since all of these corporations are publicly-traded companies, their annual reports are posted on their websites for download in PDF-format. Opening each of these files in Acrobat, I looked in the “Fonts” section of the “Document Properties.” That window lists all fonts embedded in the document.

So far, only Linotype has posted any material to these award-winning annual reports and the typefaces used on their website. This page at includes images of some of the top annual reports, and links to their PDFs on the web.

Almost every annual report used more than one font in its design; some reports contained as many as five or six different typeface families. At least 49 typeface families were used, total, not including ca. 31 instances of custom designed typefaces.

Here is a list of all of the typefaces, the number of times they were used, and links to more information about their design. I’ve tried to build in as many links as possible to Jürgen Siebert’s new “100 beste Schriften” site; its an excellent resource.

Akzindez-Grotesk – 3 instances
Info on Akzidenz-Grotesk on the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Akzidenz-Grotesk at

Arial – 2 instances
Arial at

Bulldog – 1 instance
Bulldog at

Carta – 2 instances
Carta at

Compatil – 10 instances
See images of Compatil in the winning annual reports at
Compatil at

Corporate ASE – 6 instances
Info on Corporate ASE from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Corporate A at
Corporate S at
Corporate E at

Courier – 5 instances
Courier at
N.B.: Courier Cyrillic Bold may well be the coolest font ever.

FF Dax – 1 instance
Info on FF Dax from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
FF Dax at

DIN – 3 instances
DIN 1451 at

Euro Mono – 1 instance
Euro Sans – 7 instances
Euro Serif – 1 instance
The Adobe Euro fonts, at the Adobe Type site.

European Pi – 1 instance
European Pi at

FF Dingbats – 3 instances
The FF Dingbats family at

Franklin Gothic – 1 instance
Info on Franklin Gothic from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Franklin Gothic at
ITC Franklin Gothic at
Monotype Franklin Gothic at

Frutiger – 11 instances
Info on Frutiger from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Frutiger at

Frutiger Next – 12 instances
Frutiger Next at

Futura – 2 instances
Info on Futura from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Futura at

Adobe Garamond – 1 instance
Info on Garamond from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Adobe Garamond at

Garamond #3 – 1 instance
Garamond #3 at

Gill Sans – 1 instance
Info on Gill Sans from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Gill Sans at

Granjon – 1 instance
Granjon at

Helvetica – 4 instances
Info on Helvetica from the “100 beste Schriften“ site.
Helvetica at

Neue Helvetica – 7 instances
Neue Helvetica at

Imago – 1 instance
Imago at

Lucida – 1 instance
Info on Lucida from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Lucida at

Mathematical Pi – 2 instances
Universal Mathematical Pi at

Minion – 4 instances
Info on Minion from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Minion at

Miscellaneous custom designs – 31 instances

Monotype Sorts – 1 instance
Monoytpe Sorts at

Myriad – 6 instances
Info on Myriad from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Myriad at

ITC Officina – 1 instance
Info on ITC Officina from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
ITC Officina at

News Gothic – 2 instances
Info on News Gothic from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
News Gothic at
Monotype News Gothic at

Linotype Punkt – 2 instances
Linotype Punkt at

Rotis – 1 instance
Info on Rotis from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Rotis at

Sabon – 2 instances
Info on Sabon from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Sabon at
Sabon Next at

Skia – 1 instance
Skia at

Snell Roundhand – 1 instance
Snell Roundhand at

Solex – 1 instance
Solex at

ITC Stone Sans – 3 instances
Info on ITC Stone from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
ITC Stone Sans at

ITC Stone Serif – 1 instance
ITC Stone Serif at

Swift – 1 instance
Info on Swift from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Swift at
Swift 2.0 at

Thesis – 4 instances
Info on Thesis from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
See the typefaces at the Lucas Fonts website.

Times New Roman – 2 instances
Info on Times New Roman from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Times New Roman at

Times – 2 instances
Times at
Times 10 at
Times 18 at

Univers – 7 instances
Info on Univers from the “100 beste Schriften” site.
Univers at

Linotype Univers – 2 instances
Linotype Univers at

Webdings – 1 instance
Webdings at

Wingdings – 4 instances
Wingdings at

ITC Zapf Dingbats – 11 instances
ITC Zapf Dingbats at