Next Stop, Bucharest

Posted on 9 November 2006 in:

From the BrandCamp website

On November 22, a colleague and of mine and I will give a presentation at the first BrandCamp conference in Bucharest, Romania. Entitled “Face It. Keys to Success,” the presentation will deal—oddly enough—with Corporate Type and branding.

Our presentation’s description:

In a dialogue concerning your brand’s success, Linotype reveals the key Corporate Type factors to consider. Through a quick succession of tests, real-life examples and case studies, your business will be discussed and burning questions will be answered, both from the commercial side as well as from the creative point of view.

BrandCamp/Focus on the Branding Process is the first in a series of branding events, responding to the increasing interest in, and importance of, this discipline.

This isn’t my first trip to Romania. In February, Arash and I spoke at the AdPrint 2006 conference in Brasov. I didn’t file any report about that here on TypeOff., but I did post a number of storefront typography photos to my flickr space – Signs in Brasov.