Bonsai Trees for Every Gorilla!

Posted on 10 October 2006 in:

Poster in Frankfurt Hbf

For just three euros, you can donate a bonsai tree to a gorilla!

Each way on my daily commute to work, I walk through Frankfurt’s central train station. I see a lot of posters and billboards there, most of which tend to change every week. This one seems to have been staring me down for some time now, so I finally photographed it (click on the image to enlarge). Translated, the headline reads, “3 euros rescue his world. Rescue with:”

Actually, I tend to be quite pleased overall by WWF’s design (the World Wildlife Fund). But this poster’s visual motif feels a little contrived. I don’t tend to associate bonsai-like imagery with gorilla habitats, and the way this big, sad gorilla stares at that object (which is probably just a montage of several images anyway) feels too unrealistic. I know that no one wants to show animals in real distress, but this poster moves me in the wrong direction.

The WWF’s German website is worth a visit anyway –