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Posted on 30 August 2006 in:

Icons from Spatium Magazine

In a way, reporting on the blog that Spatium Magazine launched last week feels a bit like writing a post about your next door neighbor or your cousin. But the quality and the promise of the site impressed me so much that I need to blog its coming, too.

Spatium Magazine is edited by TYPOSITION., and Peter Reichard and Tanja Huckenbeck have spent the last five years or so creating a fine edition of issues. For about a year, Peter had been writing periodic blog entries here on TypeOff., so my first reaction when I opened up an e-mail about the Spatium blog was “hey, everyone has a blog now!” And a great magazine like Spatium needs one, too.

From, you’ll be able to order the fifth issue after its release later this fall. They also have the typical designer swag that we all want from a website, including a t-shirt shop. But the content of the site itself is noteworthy. Their current entry shows correction rounds scribbled onto the latest drafts, giving readers a peak into the process of the project in a way similar to what Jürgen Siebert has been posting on his Fontblog over the past year.