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Posted on 21 May 2006 in:

Cover of Slanted Nr. 2

The second issue of’s print magazine was released just before the TYPO Berlin conference. Topping off at almost 200 pages, it revolves around western fonts. I contributed a short article on two of Adobe’s woodtype faces, Mesquite and Rosewood.

The magazine is available directly from its designers. Order it today!

Close-Up of Cover of Slanted Nr. 2

I must admit that I am now a big fan of the table of contents on the cover motif, especially since it brought me into such a prominent position.

Spread One From My Article in Slanted Nr. 2

The magazine is produced simply, making marveous use just out of black ink on white paper. My article is set in Mesquite, Rosewood, and Impressum, as well as several great Volcano-Type faces that make up the magazine’s overall design.

Spread Two From My Article in Slanted Nr. 2

Spread Three From My Article in Slanted Nr. 2

For Linotype, I put together a showing of Westside, a display face designed by Adrian Frutiger.

Westside Spread from Slanted Nr. 2

Close-Up of Westside Specimen

Westside, although it sports neato wild west serifs, still exudes the signature Adrian Frutiger letter-style.