TypeOff. relaunch, dedicated to Filip Blažek

Posted on 4 June 2005 in:

I had the honor of meeting Filip Blažek at typo.graphic.beirut in April. As I shook his hand, he said, “ahh, TypeOff.; your site isn’t so up-to-date, is it?”

Well Filip , you were right. Our site was not up-to-date. In fact, we hadn’t posted any new content since the end of January, when four of us had participated in the FontAid III Fleurons of Hope project. Immediately upon returning from Beirut, the collective went into action.

Now TypeOff. is proud to be Offenbach’s only weblog devoted entirely to typography and type design (hey, it is a start). We hope that you will continue to enjoy reading our pages every month, Filip. We’Fll do our best to keep them interesting.