Ian makes geometric type work

MATD-alum and the Colour Grey co-founder Ian Moore seems to be writing for Design Assembly, some sort of new website that I don’t know anything about yet. At first glimpse, its design style seems to exude über-English contemporary-ness. Whatever the case, his article on making geometric type work is worth reading, and worth recommending to all your graphic designer friends! (just like I’m doing now…)


  1. Thanks Mr Reynolds

    I wanted to find an accessible point for most graphic designers who’ve had a go at designing typefaces. We’ve all made the same mistakes and slavishly stuck to the grid, so it’s interesting to look back at some of my old work.

    There’s plenty of very talented people involved in this blog, so keep an eye on how it develops. Many of us have not had our opinions aired in print/blog form, so it should be fresh set of opinions to add to the blogging sphere.

  2. Great! I’ve added Design Assembly’s RSS feed to the list of blog posts my RSS reader subscribes to. I can’t wait for more posts.

    You don’t have to call me Mr Reynolds, though :(

  3. Sorry, Herr Reynolds :)

  4. […] others will be skin tight, and some will barely squeeze over their heads. Via Dan Reynolds’ typeoff. A collection of ornamental type & lettering: Lots more on the BiblioOdyssey web site. […]

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