Tage der Typographie 2009, Düsseldorf

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The North Rhenish Westphalian Union of Print + Media Academy is a friend of the prominent role role that typography plays in the quality of print and online media. As such, they have decided to assume the role of hosting the annual German Tage der Typografie conference. This conference previously met ten times at a wooded retreat run by the German trade union ver.di; but that group’s day of type type conference sponsoring is unfortunately over.

The 11th Tage der Typografie conference will continue this brand’s tradition. The event is primarily a constellation of workshops and lectures. The German motto of this year’s instance is schön und wieder, which literally means “pretty and again,” but judging by the logo, it must be meant as a witty play on words… one that is literally indescribable in English. The even runs from October 9–11, 2009 in Düsseldorf.

So, you are probably asking yourself, “who is going to be at this conference?” “Why should I go?” Well, I will be attending this conference. Since you are reading my blog, I hope that this is enough of a recommendation for you. While I have organized a workshop at this event in the past, I will only be attending the conference this year as a normal participant.

The following two-day workshops will be offered

I’ll be attending Robert and Oliver’s workshop. Actually, I haven’t registered yet, but I totally am going to. I’m sure that all of the other workshops will be good, too. Especially the one by event-organizers Peter and Tanja. I took part in one of their workshops back in 2005, and it was an awesome time.

Additional lectures by Akira Kobayashi and Boris Kochan will round up the weekend’s program.

Where is it again?

Akademie Druck + Medien NRW
Bublitzer Straße 26
40599 Düsseldorf

How much does it cost?

The weekend costs 340 euro. There are discounts if you are a student, etc.

Want more information?

There is a German press release that you can read. Also, the even is run by Peter and Tanja, who blog excellently and regularly at spatium-magazin.de.