Round-up: 12th Berlin Typostammtisch

Posted on 16 January 2009 in:

Word of the success of last night’s Berlin Typostammtisch is already making the rounds on Flickr and Twitter. Ivo, who is a master organizer, told me that last night’s attendance was about 40 people, which strikes me as incredibly huge for this sort of thing. Afterwards, I had the feeling that I hardly got to talk to anybody. But that is probably a good sign.

The evening had a theme: Pecha Kucha. Nine of us held mini-lectures. These consisted of 20 PDF slides, each of which would be on the screen for 20 seconds, giving you a running time of six minutes and 40 seconds.

 What did we talk about?

Lots of photos here—Berlin Typostammtisch Flickr Pool.