A visit to Berlin’s Letter Museum

Posted on 31 January 2009 in:

Antique Olive 04

As part of the city’s Lange Nacht der Museen (museum night), Berlin’s hoped-for Buchstaben Museum (letter museum) invited visitors to view its collection in a converted space on the ground floor of a highrise apartment building in the Leipziger Straße.

Wilkommen 01

This is Berlin. So what typeface do you see? Meta, of course! 

Toward the Buchstaben Museum 01

The approach toward the Schaudepot. 

Window 01

Although the experience was cool, I have to admit that my visit was not as good as it could have been. Apart from the size of the collection, which was small, none of the volunteers present asked me, for instance:

I would have paid admission to enter, but there wasn’t a fee. I did buy two cute little buttons! If you missed this open house, I’m sure that there will be another opportunity; this is already the second opportunity inside three months.

Zille Stube

What a wacky blackletter! Those stokes on the top of letters look like serifs. So is this a semi-serif fraktur?

Schuhe 02

Quite a beautiful old shoe sign. Neon, but with so much more love. 

Shiny letters 03

Mercedes-Benz letters. The museum says that they are modified Corporate A.