Why Reading?

Posted on 18 June 2007 in:

Recently, several people have asked me why I’ve chosen to register at the University of Reading in the Fall. “Why not The Hague?,” they ask. Moreover, some even remember an article that I posted on Typographica back in 2004, In defense of regionalism. Shouldn’t I check out that new postgraduate attempt at the hgkz in Zürich?

No, intrepid readers, I should not. In addition to the many other factors, one thing has changed significantly since November 2004. Namely, Doctor Who has returned to British television. This alone is enough to lure me to the United Kingdom. No more Internet viewings, no more DVD purchases… I’m ready to move across the channel and pay my license fee. With 14 new episodes of such a great programme per year (plus 13 episodes per series of Torchwood, which I do count as Doctor Who, too), I’m looking forward to months of time-traveling adventures!

Oh, and I’ll be designing a typeface, too. Quite the unbeatable combination if you ask me, which some of you do ;-)