Fashiontype Opening photos

Posted on 24 February 2007 in:


Last night, I was in the Klingspor museum for the opening of the Fashiontype exhibition. This was a show put together by students from the HfG students, and it documents—rather interestingly—the progression of type on garments.


Blackletter is fashionable. It was nice to see that confirmed in this exhibition. Above is just one of many items on display that made use of blackletter type.

typeoff equals mode.jpg

This being Offenbach, TypeOff. and TYPOSITION. were represented. On the exhibition’s “mind map,” you can see how close we are to fashion (Mode in German), typeface design, as well as Paris Hilton and Madonna.


TypeOff.’s contribution to the exhibition was rather small, though. Just this T-Shirt, which is also on sale in the museum’s gift shop.


Peter and Tanja (TYPOSITION. / spatium-Magazin) were much more present. You can see their multiple T-Shirts in the image above. The moral of this lesson? TypeOff. needs more T-Shirts!


The single TypeOff. T-Shirt is an hommage to Experimental Jetset’s “John&Paul&George&Ringo” T-Shirt (lower-left corner, above). Several Jetset T-Shirts were on display in the exhibition.


Peter Biľak (Typotheque) is a typo T-Shirt master. His foundry’s work was on display in abundance.


There were also a few historical items on display, including this “pixel” example from the 1880s.


Here something similar.


This was probably my favorite piece in the entire exhibit. It shows stencil masters that can be used for the embroidery of initials on underware. Maybe something for my workshop in June?

More photos on Flickr.