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To the left Ben Kiel demystifies python scripts, why to write them, and how to use them. His slides seem to be designed with United, from House Industries, for whom he now works.

Since my first ATypI 2006 photo/link entry, which I posted while I still in Lisbon, a number of newer goodies have shown up online that recount parts of the conference very well. For instance, there is the Russian-language blog, whose site I hadn’t seen before. They’ve posted images from several of the lectures held at this year’s ATypI conference. They clearly have better digital cameras than I do. Very few of my lecture photos came out well. But I don’t have to worry about that any more.

Below is my second round of ATypI Lisbon links… (Verena Gerlach) (Newspaper Design Forum) (Massimo Vignelli) (Erik Spiekermann’s Substitute-Keynote) (Francois Chastanet) (Conference exhibitions)

Bald Condensed

Yves Peters’s Unzipped column on the FontShop Benelux site is normally written in Flemish, but occasionally, an English article comes along and these are always worth the wait. Here is his review of the first day of the conference –, and his review of the second day – More are certain to follow.

Jerrold Maddox’s Photo Page

Luc Devroye (Text report) (Picture report)

Bummer that I lost my “best hair” trophy. My hair is actually quite longer now than it was in Prague, the first time that Luc mentioned that my hairdo was a conference highlight.

Pleasingly, Luc—who coincidentally visited a couple of Typostammtische a few years ago—mentions Karsten Lücke in his report, who also coincidentally visited a couple of Typostammtische a few years ago. Doubly worth noting, since Karsten sadly was just at the TypeTech Forum prior the conference, and not at the main conference itself. (Although he did stick around town a few days into the conference… with a city a beautiful as Lisbon, can you blame him?)

Luc, who did not attend the TypeTech Forum due to his dislike of OpenType, mentioned Karsten in his report because of the brilliant Litteratra typeface, which was used for half of the conference identity. Too bad that such a great OpenType font like Litteratra, which has somewhere around 1,800 glyphs inside of it, isn’t enough to convince Luc of the format’s real benefits. Litteratra is sold through Village; here is a direct link to its page there.

Karsten's Litteratra on the Conference Banner

A pilcrow, the numbers 2 and 6, and the letter o substituted for the zeros: These are Karsten’s contributions to this year’s conference.