Photos from ATypI Lisbon

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The ATypI President at the 2006 conference in Lisbon.

Jean François Porchez, current president of the ATypI.

At the moment, I’m still at the 2006 ATypI conference is Lisbon. The city is beautiful, and the organized (and unorganized) events have been excellent. I’ve already managed to take several pictures and upload them to my flickr space. There is also an ATypI Lisbon 2006 group with more (and better) images.

Below are links to a few websites and resources that I noticed for the first time during this year’s conference…

A full report has been written (in French) by Jean-Baptiste Levée at Le Typographe (Part 1) (Part 2) (José Scaglione’s type testing document) (Georg Seifert’s type portal) (Rob Keller) (Dan Rhatigan) (Unofficial FontLab/Python API Reference) (Ellen Lupton’s Free Font Manifesto) (The new FontBook has a new website)

A Lisbon Lizard?

Not one of the conference delegates, but a Lisbon inhabitant nonetheless.

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The nostalgic may visit this page, my review of the 2004 ATypI confence, in Prague.