Reading’s typefaces of 2008

From the MATD 2007–2008 specimen's front cover

Although our program isn’t over yet, the typefaces designed by the students on this year’s MA Typeface Design course at the University of Reading are now online for all to see. Visit, where PDF specimens of our typefaces may be viewed and be downloaded.

In addition to our own work, we’ve prepared a 16-page A5 booklet showing off all 11 of our typefaces. Its PDF may also be downloaded directly from the site. Those attending the ATypI conference in St. Petersburg will be able to receive a printed copy as well.

From the booklet's inside front cover

The booklet is printed in two colors—a light green and a darker, greenish black. The production work was undertaken by the University’s Design and Print unit, who did an excellent job with the printing. The paper is the same stock as last year’s MATD specimen, as well as the last issue of Typography Papers.

The Martel page from the group specimen

Each of us had a single page to design and showcase our typeface. Above is my layout for Martel, the multi-script Latin and Devanagari typeface family I submitted in July.

I hope that you enjoy our class booklet, as well as all of our typeface specimen. Thanks must be given to David Březina (Reading MATD class of ’07), who produced the site for us. I see that underneath our year, all other MATD class dates have been listed, too. Perhaps David and Gerry have a plan to feature all of the Reading typefaces on a single website?

The typeface used in the specimen booklet for our names and contact information is TypeTogether’s Ronnia, designed by Veronika Burian (Reading MATD class of ’03) and José Scaglione (Reading MATD class of ’05).


  1. Congratulations to you and your colleagues. There isn’t a single typeface that I don’t like and I hope these gems will soon be available at the best foundries.

  2. Thanks, Manlio! I guess that we hope for that, too…

  3. Wonderful work! sooner or later I’ll be studying the MATD.

  4. Nice work! Looking through the specimens was a wonderful way to spend some time. Martel was a great read. Commiserations on the end of student life and all the best for whatever’s next.

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Dan! Martel Ist toll geworden, obwohl ich natürlich nur – wenn überhaupt – die Roman beurteilen kann 😉


  6. Elí, Jon, Thomas, thank you so much for your comments. I’m really looking forwards to my next steps, also with the Martel typeface. Hopefully I’ll come with ways for both the Latin and the Devanagari to find their uses.

  7. Auch von mir herzlichen Glückwunsch :-)
    Dein Schriftmuster habe ich ja letztens schon in echt bewundern können, als ich beim Symposium im Klingspor Museum war.
    Jetzt habe ich mir auch mal die anderen angeschaut und kann mich gar nicht entscheiden, welche der “Reading typefaces 2008″ mit am besten gefällt. Hoffentlich werden sich auch mal “in echt” veröffentlicht.

  8. Danke, Marie! “In echt” würden wir auch gern unsere Schriften sehen. Schau ma mal…

  9. I think you guys did an excellent job. I’ve checked them all out in detail. The typefaces look awesome!

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